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Conference Call: NIS 3 Billion, Five-Year Plan for Negev Bedouin | Apr 5
April 5, 2017

On February 12th, the Government of Israel approved Resolution 2397, a new Socio-Economic Development Plan for Negev Bedouin. (View a Task Force brief on the plan.) This is the second five-year economic development plan for Bedouin Negev and, at NIS 3 billion, the largest ever developed for the Bedouin community. If implemented successfully, the plan stands to be a game changer for the society.

What are its specific provisions and how are they being received in the Bedouin community? What are the challenges to successful implementation? How does the plan affect or address the ongoing dispute about land regulation, the most sensitive issues between the Bedouin society and the state?

Update and Insights into Israeli Hope in the Academia | Mar 9
March 24, 2017

President Rivlin's initiative, Israeli Hope in the Academia, aims to promote diversity and multiculturalism in the higher education system as a key component of the broader Israeli Hope initiative to create a stronger, more cohesive and shared Israeli society. Join us on Thursday, March 9th to hear from Ayala Hendin, Director of Israeli Hope in Academia for insight and discussion on the intiative. 

Government Launches New Arabic Ad Campaign on Labor Rights
March 22, 2017

Mish-Foshta-CampaignThe Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Authority for Economic Development of the Minorities Sector launched a campaign to raise Arab citizens' awareness about their labor rights and resources. EEOC data shows that Arab employees—women especially—are the least likely to use commission services to address or even report incidents of discrimination. In large part, this is attributed to the fact that, though more Arab citizens are attending higher education and pursuing advanced careers in Israel, the vast majority still work in low-skilled, low-wage labor with little job security and are either uninformed about or reluctant to exercise their legal rights.

JFN International Conference | Mar 19-21
March 21, 2017

The JFN International Conference this year featured sessions and activities on the historic economic development plan for the Arab Sector (Government Resolution 922)  and philanthropy for a shared society.   

NCJW National Convention | Mar 23-25
March 21, 2017

Ghaida Rinawie-Zoabi, Executive Director of Injaz Center for Professional Arab Local Governance, spoke about the changing roles of women in Arab community development and the complexity of being an Arab woman in the Jewish state as a plenary speaker and a panelist in the "Spotlight on Israel" session.  

Israel Update | March 2017
March 21, 2017

Our quaterly publication covers recent developments in government, legislation, civil society, and public discourse in the field.

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