A New Dawn in the Negev

A New Dawn in the Negev

A New Dawn in the Negev is an organization founded in 2009 whose goal is to elevate educational standards in the Negev with a strong emphasis on the Bedouin community. A New Dawn's work focuses on addressing the social and cultural isolation experienced by Bedouin youth and creating new opportunities for young people from both Jewish and Bedouin backgrounds in order to expand their horizons. At its core, A New Dawn is a Bedouin-Jewish organization that seeks to promote equality, coexistence and peace among all residents of the Negev.

This work is accomplished in three ways:

Educational Activities: By partnering with local schools, A New Dawn serves in a pedagogical capacity by helping teachers and students identify educational gaps and finding creative ways to address these needs.

Cultural Activities: In an effort to make Bedouin culture accessible to both a new generation of youth as well as to the outside world, A New Dawn works to document and share traditional cultural practices that for generations have represented the essence of Bedouin life.

International Activities: By facilitating visits by outside groups to the Negev and organizing international youth exchanges for Bedouin youth, we seek to help young Bedouins develop the intercultural skills needed to be active members of the global community.


At A New Dawn we feel the three components of education, culture and international exposure address the divisions between Jewish and Bedouin communities of the Negev. Strengthening educational systems in the Bedouin society helps prepare Bedouin youth to function as active, equal contributors to Israeli society. Promoting awareness and understanding of the rich cultural heritage of the Bedouin people allows these communities to take pride in their roots and explore what their traditions can contribute to the global community. Finally, by actively connecting Bedouin and Jewish communities through intentional, meaningful activities, new relationships can break through social barriers and build trust and mutual respect among Negev residents. 

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A New Dawn in the Negev
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