A New Dawn in the Negev

A New Dawn in the Negev

A New Dawn in the Negev was founded, in 2009, from a desire to elevate educational standards and improve quality of life for the Bedouin population in the Negev. A New Dawn focuses on addressing the social and cultural isolation experienced by Bedouin youth. They focus on providing opportunities for Jewish and Bedouin youth to work together and experience each other's cultures and broaden their horizons. At its core, A New Dawn is a Bedouin-Jewish organization which promotes equality, coexistence, and peace among all residents of the Negev. This is mainly accomplished through three types of programs:

  • Educational activities: By partnering with local schools, A New Dawn assists both teachers and students in identifying educational disparity and developing creative solutions to address any issues found. Strengthening educational systems in the Bedouin society helps prepares Bedouin youth for a future as active and equal contributors in Israeli society.

  • Cultural activities: In an effort to make Bedouin culture accessible to both a new generation of youth as well as to the outside world. A New Dawn documents and shares traditional cultural practices that, for generations, have represented the essence of Bedouin life. Promoting awareness and understanding of the Bedouin people's rich cultural heritage allows Bedouin communities to take pride in their roots and discover how their traditions can contribute to the global community.

  • International activities: We facilitating visits for outside groups to come see what life is like in the Negev. We also organize international youth exchanges where our youth can meet other children of the same age and vice versa. We seek to help young Bedouins develop important intercultural skills, which are required to be active contributing members of the global community.

A New Dawn also organizes a joint community forum between Rahat, Lehavim, Meitar, and Bnei Shimons regional councils to collaborate on projects, communicate issues, and discuss the future of the Negev. Actively connecting Bedouin and Jewish communities with intentional, meaningful activities allows new relationships to break through social barriers and fosters the growth of trust and mutual respect among the residents of the Negev.

A New Dawn in the Negev: Sarab
Sarab, meaning Oasis in Arabic, strives to change the social reality of the Bedouins of the Negev by providing quality music education, starting with children in elementary schools. Music is the perfect antidote: Music develops creativity, attentiven ...
Education, Media and Culture, Negev Bedouin, elementary and high school, music, youth
A New Dawn in the Negev: Masa Bedouin Coexistence Fellows
The Masa Bedouin Coexistence Fellow's aim is to bring English speaking volunteers to the Bedouin schools of Rahat to create enthusiasm, promote cross cultural exchange and coexistence and bridge the educational gap in English learning that exists ...
Education, Jewish-Arab Relations, Media and Culture, National Identity, Negev Bedouin, Volunteerism and National Service
A New Dawn in the Negev: Youth At Risk Program
The aim of the Youth At Risk Program is take youth in Rahat, who have otherwise dropped out of school, and offer them opportunities for the future, opportunities that otherwise would not exist for these children. The program works to motivate them to ...
Education, Employment, Negev Bedouin, Volunteerism and National Service
A New Dawn in the Negev
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