Leadership Development to Promote a Shared Society

Leadership Development to Promote a Shared Society

The success of the School Twinning program is serving as the impetus for developing an intensive and long-term training program for educational staff. The rationale for the program is three-fold:

  1.  To broaden the scope and depth of the impact created by the School Twinning program;
  2. To ensure the sustainability of the achievements garnered by the School Twinning Program; and
  3. To provide local educational leadership with the tools to enable them to develop new and independent initiatives and programs to promote shared citizenship and meaningful relationships between neighboring Jewish and Arab communities.

This program is focused on expanding the numbers of educators receiving training towards promoting a shared society in all schools which  participate in the Twinning program. Trainees will include about 20 educators from each school who participate in a 30-hour training program which is recognized by the Ministry of Education as part of its in-service training program. An additional component of the Leadership Training program is planned to focus on the training of senior educational staff to equip them with the tools for developing joint Jewish-Arab initiatives in twinned schools. Trainees will include the principals of the two schools and two senior educators from each school. The program will enrich the offering of shared citizenship activities in the schools thus creating sustainable and ever-growing impact.

As is the case with all of A New Way's programminng, existing training programs and those in development, are conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and with relevant local municipalities, along with those NGOs whose expertise can enhance program quality. 

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A New Way aims at promoting the development of a shared society by creating and cultivating opportunities for long-term and in-depth connections between geographically adjacent Jewish and Arab communities and among Jews and Arabs living in "mixed" cities. The organization's mission is to develop and enhance mutual understanding, trust and respect; inculcate values of democracy and equality; break down prejudices and stereotypes, and provide communities with the tools to enable them ...
Leadership Development to Promote a Shared Society