The Leo Baeck Education Center

The Leo Baeck Education Center

The Leo Baeck Education Center is committed to democracy, egalitarianism and human rights and to teaching the living values of progressive Judaism which inspire social change and repair of the world.

The Leo Baeck Education Center is committed to the pursuit of academic excellence within a caring, inclusive environment that promotes human rights through social action and which is sensitive to the wellbeing of Israeli civil society.

The Leo Baeck Education Center is committed to strengthening ties with Jewish communities throughout the world, to teaching love of Israel in the spirit of the Jewish State's founding vision and to striving for the practical implementation of that vision educationally.

The Leo Baeck Education Center is an inclusive, pluralistic organization whose community center and social outreach serves all Israelis - black and white, Arab and Jew, religious and secular, new immigrant and native born.

Leo Baeck Community and Sports Center
Beyond sports, recreational activities and multicultural holiday celebrations, on-site coexistence programming at the Leo Baeck Community & Sports Center (situated in Haifa) includes the annual Arab-Jewish Summer Camp, youth empowerment, leadersh ...
Education, Jewish-Arab Relations, informal education, mixed cities, welfare and social services
Leo Baeck Schools
From Pre-K through 12th Grade Arab, Druze and Jewish children learn and implement the core values of human rights and participate in long-term joint projects in Israel and abroad, with Arab schools and close partnerships with organizations such as Sh ...
Education, Jewish-Arab Relations, elementary and high school, shared society
The Leo Baeck Education Center