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The Jerusalem Post January 17, 2019 Hagay Hacohen

Arab-Israeli soccer talent set at age 26 to become highest paid player in Israeli history when he'll sign a 15-20 mil. Euro contract on Thursday with Sevilla.

Haaretz January 16, 2019 Gili Izikovich

The blend of Israeli Jewish and Arab cultures, Hebrew and Arabic, village origins and the Tel Aviv bubble – all of this informed the life and work of 24-year-old actor Ala Dakka, who preferred not to define his identity. But now, he's reached a turning point.

The Times of Israel January 15, 2019 TOI Staff

Dina Zilber informs Miri Regev that law doesn’t allow for money to be withheld over ‘insult to religious feelings’.

Haaretz January 15, 2019 Nir Hassan

Interior Ministry says the years-long delays are the result of the volume of requests, but lawyers are convinced the backlog is a deliberate policy to prevent the city’s Palestinians from becoming citizens. 

Arutz Sheva January 15, 2019 Staff

Ex-Sayeret Matkal soldier who saved Netanyahu's life during operation in Suez Canal, Amos Danieli, establishes new Jewish-Arab party.

The Jerusalem Post January 10, 2019 Eytan Halon

The poll, carried out over the last three days, further revealed that 52% of respondents believe the Joint List does not represent them.

The Times of Israel January 10, 2019 TOI Staff

Dima Tayeh announces plan to run in ruling party’s primaries, defends controversial Nation-State Law that many see as discriminatory to Arab minority.

Haaretz January 10, 2019 Tsafi Saar

Dima Tayeh announces plan to run in ruling party’s primaries, defends controversial Nation-State Law that many see as discriminatory to Arab minority.

The Jerusalem Post January 9, 2019 Jerusalem Post Staff

MK Ahmad Tibi announced that he would leave the Joint List ahead of the April 9 election and that his party will run independently.

The Washington Post January 9, 2019 Isabel Debre

On Hadra al-Faqira’s wedding anniversary, just weeks after she gave birth to a daughter, her husband walked out and took a second wife.

Haaretz January 9, 2019 Shira Kadar-Ovadia

Only eight percent of Arab and four percent of ultra-Orthodox high school graduates test high enough for exemption from English language courses in undergraduate studies, according to a new report by the Central Bureau of Statistics.

The Christian Science Monitor January 8, 2019 Dina Kraft

‘Uniting in the face of adversity.’ ‘Reaching across divides.’ The value of these political goals seems almost self-evident. But in the rough and tumble of Israeli politics, the animosities and challenges are real.

Haaretz January 8, 2019 Jack Khoury

Joint List Chairman Ayman Odeh suggests Ahmed Tibi, chairman of one of the alliance's four parties, is operating out of personal interests.

The Times of Israel January 8, 2019 Jessica Steinberg

I’ve waited for this for many years,’ says supermarket mogul and founder Rami Levy, on site for the first day of business as his shopping center prepares to open fully in 3 weeks.

Arutz Sheva January 6, 2019

Eyal Asad to compete for spot on Jewish Home list for the next Knesset.

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