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Israel Hayom June 21, 2018 Shimon Yaish

Israel Land Authority restricts most of the land tenders in Arab communities to local residents. ILA: Allocation of lands is in accordance with government policy and aimed at maintaining "the status and preserving the character of the Arab communities."

Haaretz June 21, 2018 Judy Maltz

What was once whispered behind closed doors is now being said openly in public, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s 2015 comments about Israeli Arabs voting in ‘droves’ seen as a turning point. 

Haaretz June 20, 2018 Jack Khoury and Jonathan Lis

Knesset House Committee chair cites MK Ayman Odeh's participation in an East Jerusalem event organized by Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine. 

The Jerusalem Post June 20, 2018 Greer Fay Cahsman

This could be a major factor in upgrading the status of women in the Arab sector.

Haaretz June 19, 2018 Jonathan Lis

Instead, MKs likely to make do with calling on police to step up enforcement of existing noise laws.

Haaretz June 19, 2018 Jack Khoury and Noa Shpigel

“Unfortunately, shooting incidents occur too often in Arab communities in Israel, most of them in the context of internal conflicts that escalate into serious violence,” police said.

Ynet News June 19, 2018 Yishai Porat

Joint List leader Ayman Odeh participates in a conference organized by PLFP and DFLP in east Jerusalem, hours after police issue prohibition order against the event. ‘Jerusalem will forever remain the capital of Palestine,’ Odeh declares as police arrive to stop the conference from going ahead.

Haaretz June 19, 2018 Almog Ben Zikri

MKs say the practice, which is unofficial but familiar to residents, 'has no place in a democratic state'

The Jerusalem Post June 19, 2018 Jeremy Sharon

Yogev: In exchange for Arab support for the enlistment law and the defeat of the amendment to the Noises [Muezzin] Law the haredim will sell [out] the Land of Israel in order to evade enlistment.


i24 News June 18, 2018 Mohammad Al-Kassim

On the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, worshipers broke the fast with an Iftar dinner at the most unlikely of places. Some 2,000 employees of different faiths gathered at the SoadaStream headquarters near the southern Israeli Bedouin city of Rahat, for an evening of food, drinks, spirituality and music.

Haaretz June 17, 2018 Almog Ben Zikri

Separation is unofficial but familiar to residents, one of whom says there is a tacit agreement because locals threatened to boycott the pool if Bedouin were allowed. 

The Times of Israel June 13, 2018 Raphael Ahren

While Israel is a Jewish state, it 'respects the traditions and the heritage of our region,' Michael Oren tells his Muslim guests.

Haaretz June 13, 2018 Noa Shpigel

Jafar Farah, roughed up when he was detained during a protest against the army's fatal shootings of Gaza demonstrators, says he has just been informed of a new police charge against him.

Haaretz June 13, 2018 Jonathan Lis

Joint List petitions court after plenum blocks submission of proposal defining Israel's identity.

Haaretz June 12, 2018 Josh Breiner

The physician, who claimed she didn't see the man's wounded body, was not questioned despite conflicting evidence.

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