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Haaretz June 22, 2017 Nir Hasson

“Night passes without any special incidents as the Ramadan month of fasting nears its end.”

i24 News June 18, 2017 Staff

A top candidate for the leadership of Israel’s Labor party said on Sunday that he is willing to form a governing coalition that includes the Joint Arab List, breaking a long-standing tradition among the Israeli political mainstream of automatically excluding the possibility of allowing the largely Arab-Israeli party to enter government.

Haaretz June 18, 2017 Almog Ben Zikri

The killing is one of a series racking the Bedouin and wider Israeli Arab community.

The Times of Israel June 18, 2017 Raoul Wootliff

According to activists, more than half of the women murdered in domestic violence-related killings are Arab women, despite the fact that Arabs make up less than 20% of the overall population.

The Jerusalem Post June 16, 2017 Ben Lynfield

NGO claims police could have saved murdered Ramle girl.

Haaretz June 16, 2017 Lee Yaron

After being pressured into marrying veritable strangers, these women find out their husbands 'don't function like other people' – but the union comes with some advantages.

The Jewish Press June 16, 2017 Prof. Livia Bitton-Jackson

An Israeli Druze, a senior lecturer at the Academic College of Education in Haifa and a researcher at the University of Haifa and at the International Academic Center for Conservation, Dr. Janan Faraj Falah is the first non-Jewish recipient of the 2017 Jerusalem Unity Prize.

Israel21c June 15, 2017 Abigail Klein Leichman

Abrahamic Reunion group promotes love, peace, communication, cooperation and dialogue among the people of the Holy Land.

i24 News June 15, 2017 Staff

Henrietta Kara previously went to police to complain her mother had attacked her for dating Muslim man.

Israel Hayom June 15, 2017 Itsik Saban

Deputy Commissioner Jamal Hakroosh, the highest-ranking Muslim to serve in the Israel Police, calls on Arab leaders in Israel to visit Poland; "When you see with your own eyes what happened in the past, you come back home more humane," he says.

The Jerusalem Post June 14, 2017 Greer Fay Cashman

Joubran becomes Supreme Court deputy chief, Kara takes seat on bench.

The Jerusalem Post June 14, 2017 Greer Fay Cashman

Rivlin: Judges a bridge between traditional values and those of the present era.

The Times of Israel June 13, 2017 Staff

President hosts Muslim leaders, dignitaries at iftar meal, says Israel has a duty to provide security to all its citizens.

The Times of Israel June 13, 2017 Staff

Miri Regev assures crowd that she has no problem with other Arab poets, but says Mahmoud Darwish crosses a line.

The Times of Israel June 13, 2017 Raoul Wootliff

Joint (Arab) List lawmaker Aida Touma-Sliman, who heads the parliamentary committee on the status of women and gender equality, said that the murder was another sign of the “systemic failure of law enforcement and welfare authorities in dealing with these cases of murder.”

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