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The Jerusalem Post December 14, 2017 Judy Siegel-Itzkovich

Beterem and the US Embassy in Israel back the program.

Israel Hayom December 14, 2017 Akiva Bigman

New details from investigation into the deadly Jan 18. ramming in the Bedouin village that left policeman, driver dead, reveal police chief Alsheikh declared the incident a terrorist attack despite security agency's conclusion that it was a tragic accident.

The Times of Israel December 14, 2017 Sue Surkes

Annual festival and market axed by Muslim mayor, who says Trump's recognition of capital has 'taken away the joy of the holiday'

The Times of Israel December 13, 2017 Jessica Steinberg

Warmth and light beat back the winter in this multicultural month of merriment.

The Times of Israel December 13, 2017 Shoshana Solomon

Minorities increasingly registering their children at schools where they learn core curriculum, to boost their prospects later in life.

The Jerusalem Post December 13, 2017 Lahav Harkov

Following US President Donald Trump's historic recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, PA President Mahmoud Abbas cancelled his meeting with Vice President Mike Pence during Pence's visit.

Haaretz December 13, 2017 Noa Shpigel and Nir Hasson

There is no proof any of the fires were politically motivated; in some cases it was determined the fire was caused by negligence.

Haaretz December 12, 2017 Zvi Bar'el

Arabs in Israel are concerned about the dilution of the Arabic language, but they’re not alone – Egypt has even proposed a law to fight the phenomenon.

Haaretz December 12, 2017 Ari Plachta

'We won't accept' Trump's decision, protesters retorted as they gathered outside the American embassy to demonstrate Trump's Jerusalem move

Haaretz December 11, 2017 David B. Green

Wadi Ara is home to some 200,000 Israeli Arabs and has often been the scene of civil unrest, leading politicians to propose a population transfer – even if the residents themselves aren't interested.

Haaretz December 11, 2017 Jack Khoury

People on the right must understand that the country's Arabs are comfortable with their Israeli citizenship but still cherish their national connection to the Palestinians.

The Times of Israel December 10, 2017 Stuart Winer

'These people aren't part of the State of Israel,' Liberman says after residents of Wadi Ara demonstrate against Trump's Jerusalem declaration.

The Jerusalem Post December 10, 2017 Judy Siegel-Itzkovich

Arab women are unique in that they are exposed to forced smoking at a high level even though relatively few of them – aware of the danger to their babies – actually light up.

Israel Hayom December 8, 2017 Akiva Bigman

Joint Arab List MK Juma Azbarga lives in illegal house outside Bedouin town of Lakiya, even though legal housing plots allocated to him and his family; Azbarga: My home is on my own private land; State launches case for eviction and demolition.

The Times of Israel December 8, 2017 Staff

Protesters march in Umm al-Fahm, carrying signs reading 'Al-Quds is the capital of Palestine'; Arab MK: US now at forefront of opposition to peace

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