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Haaretz February 22, 2017 Yaniv Kubovich

Netanyahu and security officials were quick to call the incident a terrorist attack, but an investigation is set to prove otherwise. Findings are 'not good for police,' legal experts say.

The Jerusalem Post February 22, 2017 Lidar Grave-Lazi

According to the report, 2.62 million children under the age of 17 live with their families.

The Times of Israel February 22, 2017 Dov Lieber

In a get-together at the ancient springs of Hamat Gader, Israeli Druze, Circassians, Arab Christians and Arab Muslims share their grief over their fallen children.

The Jerusalem Post February 21, 2017 Udi Shaham

Avichai Mandelblit explains that in his opinion, Israel's existing noise law is enough to deal with the situation.

Ynet News February 20, 2017 Elior Levy

Ameer Dandan from Majd al-Krum faces off against Yacoub Shahin in the finals of one of the Arab world's most popular reality television shows; finals to be held in Beirut in a week and a half.

Arutz Sheva February 20, 2017 Ido Ben-Porat

At the request of Kafr Qasem's municipality, the President has for the past two years intimately accompanied the road's development and completion processes vis-à-vis the Transportation Ministry in light of difficulties that arose along the way.

Globes February 20, 2017 Idan Rabi

Five startups have been accepted into the first four month LEAP Haifa course operated by PresenTense, with the support of CITI Israel.

The Times of Israel February 20, 2017 Judah Ari Gross

Anas Haj Yihya allegedly intended to blow up bus full of soldiers on Dizengoff Street on behalf of Islamic State.

Haaretz February 20, 2017 Almog Ben Zikri

While officials hope the closure will boost Be'er Sheva's other market, locals are split on the issue, with some fearing the loss of an important piece of Bedouin identity in the city.

Haaretz February 20, 2017 Jack Khoury

Avichai Mendelblit says a general freeze would be illegal, but main target is illegal construction that threatens national infrastructure.

The Times of Israel February 19, 2017 Staff

Protest triggered by incident Thursday in which teacher was attacked by family members of a student removed from classroom.

Haaretz February 17, 2017 Ariana Melamed

Even before her initiation, Ghadir Kamal Meriah will have to deal with at least three glass ceilings.

The Times of Israel February 17, 2017 Marissa Newman

While condemning polygamy, some activists claim justice minister's seemingly benign steps represent an attempt to curtail birthrates among Israel's Bedouin.

The Jerusalem Post February 16, 2017 Ben Lynfield

The MKs' fear comes amidst a White House official referring to the possibility of replacing the two-state solution with "something else."

Haaretz February 16, 2017 Sharon Pulwer

Basel Ghattas, of the Joint List party, faces possible charge of terrorism-related offense.

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