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Times of Israel November 20, 2018 Federico Maccioni

Hosting a tour of its factories months after it was bought by PepsiCo, SodaStream highlights worker diversity in an apparent island of peace, as battles outside rage on.

Ynet November 18, 2018 Yishai Porat

19 year old from Jerusalem area, where clashes with police is an everyday occurrence, decided to join the Border Police and this week will complete his basic training.

NOQ Report November 16, 2018 Chastity Mansfield

Most appointed bureaucrats and representatives in Israel are Jewish. Cultural diversity has been on the rise in the Jewish state and is starting to be reflected in government as they appointed their first Christian Arab ambassador.

Haaretz November 15, 2018 Bar Peleg

Lawmaker Abd al-Hakim Hajj Yahya woke up to find his car on fire but says he doesn't know who did it or why and that his family is not in dispute with anyone.

Haaretz November 15, 2018 Judy Maltz

A new guided trip lets visitors hear both arguments about the Holy City - and promises to leave tourists confused.

The Jerusalem Post November 15, 2018 Herb Keinon

George Deek, a highly acclaimed diplomat, is currently a senior advisor to Director-General Yuval Rotem.

The Times of Israel November 14, 2018 TOI Staff

Turnout was low, turnover was high in Tuesday’s run-off; Hof Ashkelon Regional Council vote postponed due to Gaza rocket barrage.

The Jerusalem Post November 12, 2018 Hagay Hacohen

Hundreds of Kfar Manda residents rioted on Sunday evening and police arrested 17 people in Arab-Israeli town after local elections.

The Times of Israel November 12, 2018 Stuart Winer and TOI Staff

Right-wing station issues apology after arsonist Yitzhak Gabai cheerfully declares live on air that he doesn’t regret setting fire to bilingual institute in Jerusalem.

Jewish News Syndicate November 12, 2018 Staff

Israelis across the political spectrum expressed their sorrow and condolences to the family of a Druze special-forces soldier killed in a firefight with Hamas operatives in Gaza on Sunday night, which broke out when intelligence forces were discovered and attacked.

Ynet News November 12, 2018 Staff

They go through exhausting training and risk their lives in order to save stranded hikers—only the toughest make it. Rana’a Gaboa made history when she became the first Bedouin woman to volunteer in the police rescue unit.

The Media Line November 11, 2018 Maya Margit

Government & organizations push for better integration of under-represented populations as industry faces growing shortfall

AlJazeera November 10, 2018 Sherene Seikaly, Rona Sela, and Mahmoud Yazbak

Troves of looted Palestinian books, documents, photographs and films are sealed in Israel's archives and libraries.

The Times of Israel November 10, 2018 Diana Bletter

Muhammed Einan and Motke Berkowitz have led parallel Galilee lives as they maintain ‘a pure friendship’.

The Jewish Chronicle November 10, 2018 Anshel Pfeffer

Israel’s booming hi tech industry has launched an outreach programme to overcome worker shortages.

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