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Hamodia March 30, 2017 Dov Benovadia

Israel’s “Green Police,” the enforcement unit of the Environment Ministry, along with officials of the Jewish National Fund, in recent days “liberated” some 1,500 dunams of land from Bedouin encroachers, who had planted seasonal fruits and vegetables on public and private land. 

The Times of Israel March 30, 2017 Staff

Moshe Cohen charged with assault, causing serious harm and breach of trust, after he was videoed beating victim.

Haaretz March 30, 2017 Almog Ben Zikri

The plaintiff, an Israeli from the Negev Bedouin community, together with two of his four Palestinian wives, asked the court to rule that he was the father of three children from those two women.

The Times of Israel March 28, 2017 Sue Surkes

Battle between Miri Regev and Haifa’s Al-Midan Theater intensifies over definition of 'terrorist.'

The Times of Israel March 28, 2017 Jacob Magid

Commands to hold fire ahead of shooting death of resident heard clearly in new footage from deadly evacuation of Bedouin village.

The Jerusalem Post March 28, 2017 Yonah Jeremy Bob

The case has become a symbol of the fault line battle over incitement, free speech and discrimination between the country’s Jewish majority and its Arab minority.

The Jerusalem Post March 28, 2017 Gilad Malach and Nasreen Hadad Haj-Yahya

Haredim and Arabs must be integrated into society and economy to take the start-up nation to the next level.

The Jerusalem Post March 26, 2017 Judy Siegel-Itzkovich

The program is not only aimed to use spoken Arabic, but also to utilize Arabic culture.

The Jerusalem Post March 26, 2017 Eliyahu Kamisher

Northern District Police have yet to make any arrests in the shootings and a gag order was imposed on details of the investigation.

Ynet News March 26, 2017 Gahl Becker

Over 280 architects, engineers and building planners send an open letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu, objecting to ‘the ongoing discrimination against the Arab population in Israel in the area of housing and planning.’

Ynet News March 25, 2017 Hassan Shaalan

In light of increased gun violence in many Arab cities and villages across Israel, Arab representatives are looking to traditional forms of conflict mediation to stem violence against the community.

Detroit Jewish News March 23, 2017 Robert Sklar

Imagine a ruggedly natural trail for bicyclists that not only attracts riders of all ages, but also heightens prospects for bringing Jews and Arabs, notably younger generations, closer together in a quest to stem prejudice.

Haaretz March 23, 2017 Shaul Setter

The land on which the museum will be built has already been allotted, the formal conditions for the establishment of a museum – an art collection, research and an archive – have been met; the money has been raised (only in part, but enough to allow initial construction) and almost all the permits have been issued. 

Haaretz March 23, 2017 Jack Khoury

For 18 years, the March of Return has taken place in parallel with Israel's Independence Day celebrations, but this year police say they don't have enough resources to secure the event.

Israel Hayom March 22, 2017 Gideon Allon, Yair Altman, and Gadi Golan

Knesset to debate bill denying pension benefits from former elected officials who are charged with national security offenses; MK Moti Yogev drafts bill after Joint Arab List MK Basel Ghattas resigns as part of plea bargain in a criminal case.

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