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The Times of Israel February 20, 2018 Sue Surkes

Ministers said to propose tightening controversial legislation limiting mosque noise by allowing confiscation of equipment, bigger fines

Times of Israel February 19, 2018 staff

Culture Ministry withholds NIS 1.1 million of promised budget from Haifa's Al-Midan, citing financial irregularities

The Times of Israel February 18, 2018 Staff

Tel Aviv District Court judge Khaled Kabub could have been first Muslim on highest judiciary, but felt his chances were unrealistic.

Fathom February 15, 2018 Alan Johnson, Samah Salaime

What led you to a life of commitment to social justice and, in particular, to the struggle against violence against women?

Jerusalem Post February 15, 2018 Ben Lynfield

While Jewish Israelis on Wednesday were heatedly arguing over whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should resign, Arab citizens were also closely following the developments, including in the Napoli café in Baka al-Gharbiya.

Fathom February 15, 2018 Fida Nara, Sarit Larry, Alan Johnson

Mahapach-Taghir is a grassroots, feminist, Jewish-Arab organisation that works for social change through education and empowerment in marginalised communities in Israel.

Haaretz February 13, 2018 Revital Hovel

Minister Ayelet Shaked addressed the proposed nation-state law, contending that Israel as a Jewish state must administer equal civil but not national rights.

Haaretz February 12, 2018 Jack Khoury

Arab MK: ‘Figures show what we all knew – Arab society has become battleground, sense of security has vanished’

Observer February 12, 2018 Jonathan Russo

When you spend time in Israel you experience innumerable acts of co-operation between Jews, Israeli Arabs and Palestinians in the West Bank

Al Monitor February 12, 2018 Shlomi Eldar

“This basic law aims to anchor the values of Israel as a democratic and multicultural state, treating its citizens with complete civil and national equality,” reads the bill that was created recently by Arab Knesset member Yousef Jabareen of the Joint List.

Calcalist February 12, 2018 Keren Or-Grinberg

The under-representation of Israel’s Arab citizens in the local job market is especially apparent in Israel’s lucrative tech sector

Israel National News February 11, 2018 staff

Founder of Dirshu global Jewish education initiative meets with members of Afifi group in Galilee.

Arutz Sheva February 11, 2018 staff

Amid threats looming in Golan, local Druze villages get together to help make a difference in their own communities.

Times of Israel February 7, 2018 Diana Bletter

At a class at Akko Center of Arts and Technology, ACAT, in Akko, Western Galilee, the other evening, I saw the inspiration of the Start-up Nation trickle down to a grassroots level. 

Haaretz February 7, 2018 Josh Breiner

Police insist that the Negev jeep driver intentionally ran over a cop, but Justice Ministry probe finds no evidence to back that claim

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