Mission Planning

Inspiring Visits

The Task Force coordinates high quality site-visits and discussion opportunities for organized missions to Israel. Exploring issues related to Arab society and to Jewish Arab relations in Israel, as part and parcel of everyday Israeli realities provides unparalleled educational opportunities and fresh, eye-opening experiences for participants.

From panel discussions of current issues with  government representatives and Arab experts, through visits to civil-society projects, intimate meetings with activists, professionals, women leaders and more, the Task Force excels in matching your audience with current developments in the field relevant to their focus and interests. 

See the mission brochures below for ideas and contact us to discuss what site-visits could work for your organization's next trip.

Mission Brochures

Explore Israel's Mixed Cities in the Center

Development in the Negev

Jewish-Arab Encounters through Art in the North

Shared Society in the Heart of the Galilee

Sample Itineraries

Visions of Integration, Education and Municipal Cooperation, Economic Development in the Druze Communities

Mixed Cities, An inside look at the Arab community, Equality and Employment, The Bedouin in Israel’s South